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which is not related to asexual reproduction in plants brainly

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Though,” he says, I cannot say that I altogether like the term, neither myself nor any of my friends, to whom I have applied for the purpose, have been able to hit upon a better.”

With all our compliments to all your worthy family, I am, with the greatest cordiality, your friend and admirer,

Having acquired a fondness for experiments, even slighter inducements than I have had would have been sufficient to determine my conduct.”

Of his marriage Priestley characteristically writes:—

I shall always be very happy to hear from you; and, with my 162 best respects to Mr Barbauld, I am, dear Madam, yours sincerely, J. Priestley.

It was not, however, until the following March (1775) (he having meanwhile been intent upon his experiments on the vitriolic air [sulphur dioxide]), that he ascertained the real nature of the new air, and was led though very gradually ... to the complete discovery of the constitution of the air we breathe.” By trials with the nitrous air and with mice he found that the new gas was eminently fit for respiration: nitrous air 197 reduced its volume to a greater extent than in the case of common air, and a mouse lived longer in it than it would in the same volume of common air.


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