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"All right, you may head her within a mile of that point, Captain Passford," added the major; and Christy rang to go ahead.

"Eighteen knots; but her machinery was new then. The order of Captain Passford included the requirement that the engine of the vessel should give her the greatest speed ever produced in a sea-going steamer, and the Bellevite was built strong enough to bear such an engine. I believe the company that built it fully met the requirement."

"You can take your choice, Mr. Spikeley: you can get into your bunk, or have your carcass thrown into the bay; and you haven't got a great while to think of it."

"We are going to look out for the Bellevite, and perhaps you can get on board her again," suggested Christy.

"Good-morning, my friend," said a young man to Christy, as he landed on the day after the arrival.

92 "What further do you desire to know in regard to her?" asked Captain Passford; for the commander, when he saw that there was a family matter involved in the conversation, was disposed to be very reticent.


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