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why do plants reproduce sexually

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"What mischief?" asked Maud, in some surprise, patting Cavalier to make him stand still.

All the horrible tales Maud had ever heard of people being carried off by witches rushed to her mind when she saw that they were turning round by the blacksmith's shed. All was dark and still, but she tried to scream, in hopes of raising some alarm; but fear had paralyzed her tongue, and she could not utter a sound. She was like one in all the horrors of a nightmare, and believed she was on a phantom horse, although she could hear it splashing though the wet mud, precisely as Cavalier did the day before, when she was out riding with Mistress Stanhope.

"That might not be, Master Drury, seeing I knew not wherefore he was journeying there," said Captain Stanhope.

"I am afraid my return is not very welcome to you, Maud," he said, as he placed himself at her side to walk towards the house.


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